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Pivot Doors

The whole purpose of a pivot door is to say, “Welcome”. These designer doors are used to enhance entrance points within your home.

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All our handles, hinges and locks can be bought online at our hardware store, Revamp Online.

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The entrance door makes a personal design statement

They are often placed inside the home as entrance doors and pivot because of their heavy weight which hinges cannot withstand. A pivot door often has a protective archway which keeps it partially shielded from sun and rain. Where exterior pivot doors are installed, a weather bar can and should be installed for extra protection.

Looking for a door that adds class to your home? Pivot doors come in a variety of styles. Designer pivot doors have been artistically carved out to resemble elegant patterns. On the other hand, clear or frosted glass can add a smart touch to wooden pivot doors—especially if a nice handle is added. But if you struggle to find the perfect door, remember that Van Acht can make up custom doors that suit your exact vision.


  • Largest selection of exterior & interior doors to choose from
  • Various wood finishes, including Meranti, Kiaat, African Hardwoods, and Marine Ply
  • Standard sizes for pivot doors: 1200x2032mm – 1500x2032mm
  • Prehung options available
  • Can be custom made and choice of wood or aluminium frame
  • Buy online with nationwide delivery
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