Aluminium Windows

Don’t pick just any old window frame for your next building project. You can add maximum value to your home or commercial structure by rather investing in aluminium windows. They’re strong, so you can have peace of mind about security and they’re known for their low maintenance.

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Van Acht understands your need for style and aesthetic value, which is why we offer our aluminium windows and other products in various colours. You pick your hue and the design and Van Acht will manufacture, making your dream a reality.


Try something different than traditional windows by investing in folding aluminium windows manufactured by Van Acht.

With sliding windows you don’t have anything projecting from the wall, so you don’t lose any valuable space inside or outside the building.

Add aesthetic appeal to your building, thanks to the sleek design and stylish look of our aluminium side hung windows.

With top hung aluminium windows from Van Acht you get a stylish installation with practical value.

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