Since 1986, the Van Acht name has been synonymous with quality and service excellence. As the years have progressed, so have we. If you are a lover of high class, reliable home products, then we encourage you to join the thousands of South African home owners and builders who use us on a regular basis.

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Van Acht Beautiful Label


We are not more recognised for anything else than our wood products. Wooden doors exude unmatched style while our windows enhance the exact look you want for your house. We’ve managed to re-purpose nature’s most beautiful resource into practical home fixtures that’ll impress your guests over and over again.

Van Acht Doors Feature


Choosing the right door will make the world of difference to the overall look of your home. Van Acht has a massive selection of exterior doors for you to choose from. Select from our range of pivot doors, designer doors or glass frame doors. The perfect door awaits you here.

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Van Acht Windows Feature


As a home owner, choosing your home’s windows is not a reversible exercise. Therefore choose quality, aesthetics and practicality as your perfect combination. Windows have a way of completely transforming the look of your home—from the inside and the outside.

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Van Acht Garage Door Feature

Garage Doors

You can tell when a garage door is run-of-the-mill, and when it possesses an element of refinement. That unique quality is exactly what you get when you order your wooden garage doors from Van Acht. These high-end doors are made from superior wood and hardware components, ensuring a longer lifespan and better functionality.

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Van Acht Custom Made Gates Feature

Custom Made Gates

Gates are more than exterior entrance ways—they should add an element of charm to your garden too. The different kinds of gate designs we can make are endless. Chat to our consultants about the style of gate you want. Whatever size or shape of wooden gate you envision, we are adept at materialising the perfect concept of what you have in mind.

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There are too many aluminium products to mention here. That’s why we have a separate website that’s 100% dedicated to our aluminium range. These include doors, windows, awnings, frameless showers, glass cutting and even garage doors. Click HERE to navigate there right now.

Van Acht Aluminium Feature

Aluminium Windows & Doors

View our dedicated Aluminium website.

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Van Acht Yoso Door Feature

YOSO Doors

Make a design & style statement with our stunning new aluminium frame & wood panel door range.

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Van Acht YOSO Garage Doors

YOSO Garage Doors

Make a design & style statement with our stunning new hybrid aluminium & wood garage door range.

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Some of our products come standard with glass. With others however, glass must be ordered separately. Van Acht has an elaborate range of glass products. These include thick sliding door & window glass, standard window glass, and EVA laminated glass. You will also be impressed by our art glass selection which includes various forms of glass printing and tinting.

Van Acht Glass Feature

Van Acht Glass Manufacturing

Another industry that requires much specialised management is glass. As window and door suppliers in South Africa, Van Acht makes it our business to supply various types of glass for various types of products.

  • Various glass options
  • Glass printing
  • Glass tinting, EVA laminating
  • Glass inserts
  • Art glass
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You need the full package when it comes to doors, windows and other fixtures. In addition to our core products, Van Acht provides accompanying wood care merchandise. Other fixtures include awnings, wood mouldings, cornices, handles, hinges, locks, burglar bars and flyscreens. Staying with the theme of high quality wood, Van Acht also provides wood cladding, louvres, wooden gates and garage doors.

Van Acht Ironmongery Hardware Handles Locks Feature

Hardware / Ironmongery

Wood alone does not make a door. That’s why Van Acht takes door and window hardware just as seriously. Handles, locks and hinges lend to the functionality of a door or window.

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Van Acht Cornies Feature


A well-thought out cornice adds an elegant finish to an otherwise bland ceiling corner. Van Acht’s cornices come in various moulds and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for every room in your home. If you’re in the middle of a house construction project, chat to us about providing you with cornices as an addition to your door and window order.

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Van Acht Mouldings Feature


Wood mouldings can be used in various parts of your home. In your kitchen, light shields and pelmets add a superb finish to your cupboard design. Dado-rails give a classic feel to a plain room. Wood mouldings also acts as beautiful fixed frames for mirrors, paintings and staircases. We have a large range of various moulding patterns, shapes and heights.

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Our famous V-Coat is a superior wood sealer that prolongs the life of your doors and windows. It’s been formulated by Van Acht over years of research of development and is the perfect accompaniment to the wood products you buy from us. Wood care is an important part of installation so make sure to check out our HELP SECTION for more tips.

Van Acht V-Coat Wood Sealer Feature

We Recommend V-COAT

V-COAT is a penetrating oil specially formulated to protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage it can be used on any wooden product. V-COAT has added UV stabilisers that make it last longer. V-COAT is available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins, and available in 6 different colours: clear, mahogany, teak, kiaat, copper canyon, golden brown and walnut.

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No two spaces are exactly alike. There will be parts of many houses where standard sizes simply don’t fit. For this reason, Van Acht makes up custom wood products to accommodate any space within your home. Chat to our consultants about supplying you with a custom CAD/Revit drawing that fits your home spec. If you already have a drawing of what you need, hand it to us and we’ll make it for you!

Van Acht Custom Entrance Doors Feature

Custom Made Doors

Van Acht’s purpose made joinery, state of the art machinery, and custom manufacturing abilities enhance the unique look and feel of your home. Our professional design team will assist customers to realise their ideas and dreams. We are able to produce computer aided designs (CAD drawings) exact to your specifications. We can custom make almost any design.

  • Please discuss your design requirements with one of our sale representatives.

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