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Different Window Types

Advantages Wood Natural and biodegradable product Good design features Versatile Natural grain effect Colour change Good thermal performance Aluminium Versatile Wide price range uPVC Disadvantages uPVC Restricted design types Relatively expensive to colour Low market awareness Aluminium Poor insulator (sound and thermal) Like for like: expensive Can corrode, especially in coastal areas Timber Some wood […]

Van Acht Versa Wood

Versa Wood

We are very excited to announce a new timber for our doorframe and skirting ranges. There are so many amazing facts about this timber! It offers new unexplored dimensions within the window and door industry. The first noticeable feature is that the wood is smooth with virtually no knots or defects. Versa-Wood is very light; […]

Marine Ply

Marine Ply can withstand our harsh Highveld climate. It has been used as an engineering material in the marine and aviation industries since World War 2. Marine Ply is highly resistant to fungal attacks and can withstand extended exposure to moisture hence the name ‘Marine’. It is often used in the construction of boats and docks much of it’s […]

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