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Your Complete Guide to Selecting the Perfect Interior Door

Unlocking the Door to Interior Design: A Comprehensive Guide Welcome to the definitive guide on choosing the perfect interior door, your home’s silent yet essential decor statement. From privacy to space division, let’s explore the pros and cons to ensure an informed decision. Hollow Core Doors: Crafted with a wood or composite frame, these doors […]

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Understanding Heat Loss in Your Home: The Impact of Fenestration

Why is my House Freezing in Winter? Understanding heat loss is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Heat loss occurs through various avenues, and one significant factor to consider is fenestration, which refers to the design, placement, and characteristics of a building’s windows, doors, and skylights. The Science of Heat Loss: Before delving […]

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3 Amazing Benefits of Eco-Friendly Wooden Skirting

Skirting is a crucial element in any interior design, as it helps to finish off the look of a room and protect the wall from kicks and bumps. For those who value sustainability and natural materials,  versa-wood skirting may be a perfect choice. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of […]

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Glazing for Windows—Your Complete Guide

How do you feel when faced with decisions about products for home renovations or for a building project on your property? Just for windows alone, you have a myriad of options to consider and your final decision can impact the building’s safety, comfort, practicality and many other factors. So, what do you do? Is it […]

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Patio Doors – Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Did you know that patio doors were introduced during the pre-war era at the start of the 20th century? Historians suggest that patio doors were inspired by Japanese doors called Shoji. These Japanese doors had translucent material instead of glass and they had wooden frames. To create sturdier patio doors people started using stronger materials […]

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Wood Cladding—The Building Feature You’ve Been Missing Out on

How do you make decisions when picking upgrades or features for your home? When you buy smart, you’re probably looking for the following: Aesthetic value Functionality Affordability If it’s the exterior of your building you’re planning for, you need this article. Have you seriously considering cladding, rather than just another coat of paint? Even better, […]

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Barn Doors – How to Transform Your Home with One Stunning Feature

Interior decorating trends change all the time but certain ones aren’t simply random whims or passing fads. They become popular because they make sense while also being eye-catching. And that should be the ultimate goal of décor: being both functional AND aesthetically pleasing. That’s exactly what you get when you consider barn doors for your […]

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Finger Joints

Van Acht door frames are finger jointed. Finger jointing increases strength and stability and also optimizes the use of timber. Timber optimization and waste reduction are part of Van Acht’s green policy. What is a finger joint? A finger joint, also known as a comb joint, is a woodworking joint made by cutting a set […]

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uPVC Windows – Why You Need them for YOUR Home & Business

Can one aspect of a home really make a big difference when it comes to all the important matters: comfort, green living and cost savings? It can if you’re considering a different kind of window. Many new products hit the market each year and below you’ll find out why uPVC windows are some of the […]

Different Window Types

Advantages Wood Natural and biodegradable product Good design features Versatile Natural grain effect Colour change Good thermal performance Aluminium Versatile Wide price range uPVC Disadvantages uPVC Restricted design types Relatively expensive to colour Low market awareness Aluminium Poor insulator (sound and thermal) Like for like: expensive Can corrode, especially in coastal areas Timber Some wood […]

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Versa Wood

We are very excited to announce a new timber for our doorframe and skirting ranges. There are so many amazing facts about this timber! It offers new unexplored dimensions within the window and door industry. The first noticeable feature is that the wood is smooth with virtually no knots or defects. Versa-Wood is very light; […]