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Wood Cladding—The Building Feature You’ve Been Missing Out on

How do you make decisions when picking upgrades or features for your home? When you buy smart, you’re probably looking for the following:

  • Aesthetic value
  • Functionality
  • Affordability

If it’s the exterior of your building you’re planning for, you need this article. Have you seriously considering cladding, rather than just another coat of paint? Even better, with wooden cladding you can transform the look of a building and benefit from a list of other characteristics. But of course, you need to pick the right type of timber cladding.

We’re proud of our range of VERSA-WOOD products and below you’ll see why it’s making South African property owners smile.

What is Cladding? Why Use it?

You can think of cladding as an additional skin you’re giving your building. You’ll add this layer over another, whether it’s brick, cement or other substances used for your structure’s exterior.

In the construction industry you’ll find different types of cladding, including vinyl and metal. However, wood is a popular option for its natural feel and many advantages.

Why Use Cladding?

What does your skin do for your body? It protects, it adds aesthetic value and it insulates. Your layer of cladding will do exactly this for your building, making it an investment with multiple positive outcomes.

It’s also a simple way to modernise a building without making too many—expensive—changes. This is one reason it’s so popular in Europe, and it seems the trend caught on here in South Africa too.

The Benefits of Timber Cladding

As mentioned above, timber cladding is quite popular. The list of advantages when you add your layer of wood cladding is vast. So, it could be the solution to an issue for homeowners facing many different challenges. Do any of these apply to you at the moment?

  • You need insulation: The right wooden cladding will help manage interior temperatures, which is good news for SA homes in areas with cold winters and hot summers.
  • Your home requires sound proofing: Do you want to spare your neighbours the sound of your TV? Perhaps you live near a busy highway. Timber cladding can actually help dampen these sounds. With some soundproofing, your family will benefit as well as those who live close by.
  • The building needs a facelift: With wood being an eye-catching natural product, it looks good when matched with brick, glass, metal and other substances. This makes it a cladding option for almost any type of building, old or new, modern or classic. Wood is also timeless, so the cladding you add today will still carry value for buyers when you sell the building in a few years’ time. There’s very little chance of wooden cladding becoming outdated.
  • You want to protect your home against harsh weather: Protect your home against all weather from wind to sun and even hail. Cladding adds an extra protective layer and quality timber cladding is strong enough to withstand the elements. This means less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.

How Van Acht Provides the SA Market with Top of the Range Cladding Options

Of course, not all wooden cladding products will give you the same outcome. You need a quality product if you want to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

For our clients, we suggest VERSA-WOOD as a cladding option and we’ve had nothing but positive outcomes with our existing customers.

The VERSA-WOOD Difference

VERSA-WOOD is one brand’s timber cladding you can trust. This is thanks to its many qualities that are perfect when used for cladding.

Firstly, VERSA-WOOD is fibrous. This means it has enough air pores to make it a dynamic insulation material. This goes for both noise insulation and temperature insulation.

You’ll be surprised at how such a light product can be so strong and resilient. You know that most houses in SA get pummeled by rain and baked in the hot sun throughout the year. Despite the temperature fluctuation and moisture your cladding will get exposed to, this type of cladding won’t warp. This characteristic of being water resistant and not twisting, cracking or bending means it keeps its exceptional look for years to come.

Of course, you want your cladding to boost property value with the look it creates. Good news is that VERSA-WOOD is remarkably smooth and easy on the eye. VERSA-WOOD is known for not using wood that contains defects. Look up close and you won’t notice many knots. This gives the building a very professional aesthetic feel and makes it easier to match with other decorative aspects of your home’s exterior.

How about colour? This wooden cladding stains well, so it’s easy to create a look that matches your creative preferences.

More Uses for VERSA-WOOD

If you fall in love with the VERSA-WOOD look, why not use it for other aspects of your home renovations too? Many clients are impressed with it as door frames, creating a pergola in the garden or putting up wooden awnings. You can imagine the latter gets a lot of sun on a daily basis and the onslaught of rain. But with VERSA-WOOD, there’s no deterioration.

VERSA-WOOD is also easy to work with. Because it’s soft and light, it’s possible to manufacture creative designs for using it as door frames, cornices or mouldings.

Important Question: How Much Will it Cost?

Products that have so many positive reviews and impressive qualities are worth paying for. But that doesn’t mean you have to! Surprisingly, VERSA-WOOD is very affordable when compared to other high-end timber cladding that tends to be expensive.

We Help You Make the RIGHT Change

It’s time to transform your home into a modern building and if you’re creating a new structure, get the look right from the start. We know what the South African market requires and how important it is to make the right decisions with the harsh temperature conditions in our country. You can’t go wrong with wooden cladding in the form of VERSA-WOOD and Van Acht will help you along each step of the process.

Let’s send you an online quote or give you a call back.