Double Doors

All Van Acht Solid Wood, Slatted and Glass Doors can be used as a double doors by adding a TBAR.

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  • We recommend that only vertical slatted doors be used as fully exposed doors, and that all other doors have some overhead cover.
  • This is only a small selection we have loaded online. However, all our hinged doors can be upgraded to a double door by adding a TBAR. Speak to our sales representatives for more info.

You may also need

  • Unless specified as pre-hung, door frames must be ordered separately.
  • You may also need hinges, locks and handles.
  • V-coat wood sealer is a penetrating oil specially formulated to protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage. V-Coat can be used on any exterior wooden product.

Our door frames are finger jointed to optimize wood use.

Van Acht skirtings, dado rails, corner blocks and cornices for that superior finish to your home.

V-COAT is a penetrating oil specially formulated to protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage.

Visit one of our showrooms to view a vast array of high quality, unique door handles, locks and hinges on display.

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