Van Acht Wood Barn Doors

Barn Doors – How to Transform Your Home with One Stunning Feature

Interior decorating trends change all the time but certain ones aren’t simply random whims or passing fads. They become popular because they make sense while also being eye-catching. And that should be the ultimate goal of décor: being both functional AND aesthetically pleasing. That’s exactly what you get when you consider barn doors for your home or office.

At the moment, barn doors are all the rage, but their functionality means they’ll be on the Top 10 décor items lists for a while. Van Acht can assist in providing you with barn doors that exactly match your requirements and personal preferences.

Here’s all you’ve been missing out on if you don’t have barn doors installed yet.

How Do Barn Doors Work?

Barn doors are definitely not only for the outside or for farm use anymore. They can now be seen inside many homes and commercial buildings as a space saving door option.

These doors can be of any size and often made of wood. The doors open and close the door opening by sliding along a track that’s usually installed at the top. There are no hinges on the side, so the door doesn’t swing open and take up space inside the room.

You can have barn doors installed but many homeowners find it a fun DIY project to do themselves.  

Benefits of Barn Doors

If you’re renovating or decorating a new space, there are multiple reasons to consider barn doors rather than traditional doors:

  • Space saving: Your barn door will simply slide along the wall when you open it, not taking up any of your precious floor space. This makes them practical solutions for compact spaces, as long as you have enough space along the wall for it to move.
  • Aesthetics: Barn doors can instantly give a room a new theme. Many of these doors carry a rustic flair but you can also pick a different design to match other décor items in the room.
  • Easy usage by everyone: This is a door type that moves easily, which makes it easy for young children and the elderly to open them, without hurting or over-exerting themselves.
  • Creating atmosphere: You can hang large barn doors to cover large openings between rooms. When you want a more intimate feel, close them up. If you want a spacious, airy atmosphere, simply slide them out of the way. You’ll have the illusion of one large room, without doors using up space or blocking the view to certain sections of the room.

Interesting Uses for Barn Doors in Your Home or Office

You may now imagine barn doors in your living room, but don’t underestimate their relevancy in other spaces. Homeowners create unique looks by hanging them across doorways leading to bathrooms, pantries and sculleries.

Why not put one up in your bedroom if you already incorporate the rustic décor theme there? You can even use them as an interesting way to cover windows. And if you have an open plan home setup, they can be ideal to create separate dining and lounge areas for certain occasions.

Also try barn doors when you want to cover storage spaces in a small home or apartment. You can keep the area neat without sacrificing space.

Van Acht Barn Doors—What Sets it Apart?

On today’s market you’ll come across barn doors in large retail and hardware stores. But, where you source your barn doors from matters greatly. This is what will determine the longevity of the door as well as how much value you get from it after installation.

Yes, some options in retail stores will seem enticing because of low prices. However, apart from having a limited range to pick from, you’ll also be left with cheap timber such as pine and the rails and wheels will be flimsy. This means a short lifespan and much frustration with the door not operating well. This proves the importance of investing a little more in your home or office features. Price shouldn’t be your only deciding factor and always compare products of a similar quality to identify the best option.

From Van Acht you’re guaranteed high quality barn doors as well as high end hardware. We’re proud of our Versa-Wood range. For example, there are no knots or defects in the wood and you’ll be surprised at the exceptional quality you get from such a lightweight door. It won’t bend or twist, no matter in what climate across South Africa you install them. You can have peace of mind thanks to Van Acht’s 1-year warranty.

Being knot free, it’s also good news for anyone who wants specific colour palettes in the house. It’s easy to paint or stain Van Acht barn doors.

Further practical benefits include insulation against heat and noise, all thanks to the fibrous structure of the doors.

What are Your Options?


You’ll find standard sizes on our product list, but feel free to discuss your exact requirements with us. We can manufacture custom sizes to suit your needs.


No matter what type of décor you’re planning, you’ll find barn doors to match in the Van Acht range. Pick from different finishes or even attempt the finishing yourself if you feel creative.


You can pick from different timber options. Popular types are:

  • European Oak
  • Meranti
  • Kiaat


Perhaps you already have a door to use as a barn door installation? We sell hardware—track and wheel sets—separately, so you can finish your DIY project without any unnecessary costs.

It’s Time to Get Your Barn Doors

See? It’s the doors you’ve been looking for and there’s an entire range to pick from at Van Acht.

You don’t even have to venture out to get your new favourite feature of your home or business. You can purchase our standard barn doors online at

We also deliver countrywide.

For additional options:

Do you have any other questions? Contact our team today.

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