Benefits of uPVC

PVC’s unique properties make it the material of choice for many applications, including construction, transportation, electronics and health.

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REHAU’s proprietary uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) formulation and extrusion process make window frames that deliver superior performance, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Energy Efficient

REHAU’s uPVC windows save on energy costs, lowering the amount spent on heating or cooling your home. REHAU windows, fitted with either single or double glazing, keep your home comfortable all year round. Should you still wish to use an air conditioner or heater during extreme weather conditions, your energy expenses will be less, as temperature transfer through REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors is limited.

Low Maintenance

REHAU’s windows and doors are made to save you time and money. They contain a unique compound that guarantees a smooth, high gloss finish meaning that your new windows retain their pristine appearance for years to come. This also means that they will never warp or rot and, of course, will never need painting.

Double Glazing

Adversely high or low temperatures outside do not interfere with your comfort inside the home. REHAU’s double glazed uPVC windows and doors are virtually airtight, keeping the dust out. You will need less energy to heat or cool your home. It also reduces outside noise.

Noise Reduction

After a busy work day, a peaceful environment helps you to de-stress. Even if you live close to busy highways, your home will be soothingly quiet with REHAU uPVC windows and doors, allowing you to relax. REHAU’s window system can achieve a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 44 dB, when fitted with double glazing.

Multiple Features

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors are made to last. They are manufactured from special, high performance pvc. This means windows and doors made with the REHAU system are tough and durable, keeping their glossy looks for many years.

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Enhance Your Home

Noise insulation, energy saving and security, combined with individual design tailored to every kind of home. REHAU windows, doors and conservatories offer you much more than a view of outside.

Energy Efficient

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German Performance

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Strength & Durability

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Van Acht uPVC Ecotec window profiles allow for a variety of window styles.

uPVC doors are weather resistant and thermally efficient due to their insulating characteristics.

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One of the world’s oldest polymers, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, has evolved since the 1940s to become a universally used.

Van Acht manufactured uPVC windows and doors using the REHAU uPVC profile system for an eco-friendly cluster development in Bryanston, Gauteng.

The owner of this beautiful property replaced the existing wooden windows with REHAU uPVC windows because of the benefits uPVC offers.

These REHAU uPVC windows and doors were installed in a residence in Johannesburg, Gauteng, more than 20 years ago.

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