They are often placed inside the home as entrance doors and pivot because of their heavy weight which hinges cannot withstand. A pivot door often has a protective archway which keeps it partially shielded from sun and rain. Where exterior pivot doors are installed, a weather bar can and should be installed for extra protection.

Looking for a door that adds class to your home? Pivot doors come in a variety of styles. Designer pivot doors have been artistically carved out to resemble elegant patterns. On the other hand, clear or frosted glass can add a smart touch to wooden pivot doors—especially if a nice handle is added. But if you struggle to find the perfect door, remember that Van Acht can make up custom doors that suit your exact vision.

  • Largest selection of beautiful designs to choose from
  • Various wood finishes, including Meranti, Kiaat, African Hardwoods, and Marine Ply
  • Energy efficient – The heat stays in and the cold is kept out
  • Standard sizes for pivot doors: 813x2032mm – 1200x2032mm – 1500x2032mm
  • Can be custom made and choice of wood or aluminium frame
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The entrance door makes a personal design statement

Panel & Glass Pivot Doors

Simple, clean lines, open spaces and natural light characterise Van Acht’s panel & semi-panel pivot doors.  At Van Acht we’re as passionate about modern design as you are. It’s why you’ll find these door designs will match your contemporary home or apartment, as well your lifestyle.

Marine Ply Panel Pivot Doors

Marine-Ply is highly resistant to fungal attacks and can withstand extended exposure to moisture. Marine Ply is environmentally
friendly due to its nature as carbon sink and its allowance for the optimisation of wood.

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Meranti Panel Pivot Doors

Meranti has relatively good outdoor durability and suitable for infrequent or partial exposure to the elements. Meranti doors requires an over-hang/canopy of at least 500mm to protect them against direct sunlight and rain. All exterior and semi-exterior doors should be fitted with a weather bar (sold separately).

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Meranti Glass Panel Pivot Doors

Glass panel doors achieve two important results for your home. First, they allow natural light to enter into a foyer or room. Second, they create an atmosphere of space that enhances your mood and that of your guests.

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African Hardwood Panel Pivot Doors

A wood that’s as versatile as it is durable is African Hardwood. These doors are heavy and robust, making them a great option for front & main entrances.

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Designer Pivot Doors

Van Acht’s designer carved pivot doors are fast becoming a popular modern alternative to the hinged door.

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Hand Carved Art Pivot Doors

Looking for a door that adds class to your home? Hand carved art pivot doors have been artistically carved out to resemble elegant patterns.

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Van Acht Custom Entrance Doors Feature

Custom Wood Doors

Van Acht's purpose made joinery for custom made doors, state of the art machinery, and custom manufacturing abilities enhance the unique look and feel of your home. Our professional design team will assist customers to realise their ideas and dreams. We are able to produce computer aided designs (CAD drawings) exact to your specifications. We can custom make almost any design.

  • Please discuss your design requirements with one of our sale representatives.
Van Acht V-Coat Wood Sealer Feature

We Recommend V-COAT

V-COAT is a penetrating oil specially formulated to protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage it can be used on any wooden product. V-COAT has added UV stabilisers that make it last longer. V-COAT is available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins, and available in 6 different colours: clear, mahogany, teak, kiaat, copper canyon, golden brown and walnut.

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Van Acht Ironmongery Hardware Handles Locks Feature


Handles available in Black, Brass, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Antique, Bronze and Silver

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