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Alu Zinc Garage Doors

Get durability and style without breaking your budget! As a budget-friendly option, our Alu Zinc garage door range offers you affordability along with sleek designs and durability.

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A 55% aluminium & 45% zinc mixture gives you a strong, yet lightweight, garage door. That’s good news for its longevity because the door movements won’t put much strain on the hardware. So, you’re paying less for your garage door now and you’re saving money on maintenance in the future.

Van Acht manufactures these doors in five different colours, so pick the one that will increase your property value by adding to the aesthetics. We’re here for advice when you need it.


  • Price Range: Low (Budget Friendly)
  • Lightweight material ensures less strain on hardware and motor
  • Available in 5 colours, Charcoal, Chalk White, Snow White, Brown & Bronze
  • Tried and Tested garage door motors with true battery backup
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Standard: Opening 2135mm / Door 2170mm
SUV: Opening 2380mm / Door 2410mm
Caravan: Opening 2540mm / Door 2570mm


Single, Double


Low (Budget Friendly)


Charcoal, Chalk White, Snow White, Brown, Bronze

panel material

Aluminium Zinc

FRAME material


Sizes & Information


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Alu Zinc garage doors are a more economical option than aluminium garage doors with a horizontal slatted profile with optional smooth finish. Alu Zinc doors consist of 55% aluminium and 45% zinc.
Although these doors are budget friendly they still look great and are very lightweight which in turn puts very little strain on the motor


Van Acht Garage Doors Automation Digidoor


Why use Polycarbonate

  • Industry reputation for strength
  • Shatter resistant
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Natural UV protection
  • Flexable

The main reason we use polycarbonate on all our garage doors is due it being very lightweight, this minimises the strain on garage door hardware making your hardware and motor last longer.

Originally created by aerospace industry. Polycarbonate is a synthetic composition that was originally invented in the process of creating strong gear for astronauts. Specifically, the polycarbonate created was intended for astronaut visors.

Industry reputation for strength. Polycarbonate is widely accepted for its durability. In addition to sunglass lenses, polycarbonate is used to make airplane windows, bulletproof windows, and police riot shields.

Attention-catching performance stats. Polycarbonate is about 10 times stronger than glass or regular plastic and it also out performs the FDA’s basic requirements for impact resistance, exceeding standard figures by more than 40 times.


Van Acht Garage Door Heights for Alu Zinc Garage Doors

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