Single 24 Panel Glass Top Caravan Garage Door

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Installation - Single Garage Door (SUV & Caravan Height)

ET Nice DC Blue Advanced PICO Garage Door Motor + Track (CRV Single)

POWERFUL HIGH-TORQUE MOTOR. Designed for residential sectional overhead and trackless tip-up garage doors of up to 15m2.

Motor Installation

Single 24 Panel Glass Top Caravan Garage Door

Versa-Wood  Single 24 Panel Glass Top Caravan Height Garage Door.

A Van Acht beautifully designed Versa-Wood garage door enhances your home. Made from Versa-Wood to withstand our harsh South African climate.

Van Acht offers a wide variety of garage doors. Our garage doors are made from the best quality materials which enhance the aesthetic qualities of our garage doors and also their durability in our harsh African climate. Our highly motivated and qualified installation teams will ensure that your doors are installed professionally.

Van Acht only uses the best tried and tested motors that come standard with battery backup for those days when the electricity lets you down.

What makes VERSA-WOOD high-grade hardwood timber different from any other wood used in the garage door industry?
  • Lightweight- Less strain on garage door hardware and motor
  • Very Durable – Due to the stability in accordance with its low weight this wood will outlast any other wooden garage door by years
  • Resistant to Woodworms and Termites – Due to its high tannin content in the wood species
  • Resistant to Bending, Warping, and Twisting
  • Ecologically friendly timber with commercial value