These are the windows YOU have asked for. As a home owner, choosing your home’s windows is not a reversible exercise. Therefore choose quality, aesthetics and practicality as your perfect combination.

Windows have a way of completely transforming the look of your home—from the inside and the outside. When we decided to manufacture and supply windows, we wanted to make sure that we stood out from other window suppliers. That’s why Van Acht has created windows that suit every possible customer need—no matter how specific. We’ve even thought of some things you may have missed in your window shopping list. These include important factors such as weatherproofing, long-lasting window fittings, and a durable frame structure.


Listed below is the AAAMSA performance test criteria that our manor window range had to comply with.

  • Minimal air infiltration & no water penetration
  • Withstand positive & negative pressure
  • Structural strength, operating forces & no deformation
  • AAAMSA Certificate no: D0895
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Windows combine architecture, design and function


Van Acht Platinum Windows Feature

Platinum Window Range

Our highest quality top of the range windows, the Platinum Range are so special that we can only talk to you about this product in person.

  • For more information, speak to a sales representative
Van Acht Manor Windows Feature

Manor Window Range

Van Acht Meranti Windows offers long-lasting quality, comfortable functionality and durable structure.

Our Manor Range Windows passed the SANS 613 performance test, to comply with new SANS 10400xA regulations.

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Van Acht Calyptus Windows Feature

Calyptus Window Range

The Van Acht Calyptus wooden window range is manufactured exclusively from the Eucalyptus Grandis trees. Our Calyptus window range is intended as better priced alternative to our Meranti manor window range.


This range has passed the AAAMSA performance test.

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Van Acht Sash Windows Feature

Sash Window Range

Sash windows emphasise functionality. Panels within the window frame enable the window to slide up when opened, and back down again when closed.

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Van Acht Window Arch Feature

Arched Windows

These Meranti wood arched windows have a very classic look to them and provide a softer atmosphere than regular rectangle windows.

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Van Acht Aluminium Windows Feature

All Aluminium Windows

View have various aluminium windows in standard sizes and custom designs. The same care and finesse is put into making these windows as is put into our wooden range.

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Van Acht Glass Feature

Glass sold separately

We offer a variety of standard & toughened glass options. It is sold separately.

  • Various glass options
  • Glass printing
  • Glass tinting, EVA laminating
  • Glass inserts
  • Art glass
  • Please discuss your glass requirements with one of our sale representatives.
Van Acht V-Coat Wood Sealer Feature

We Recommend V-COAT

V-COAT is a penetrating oil specially formulated to protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage it can be used on any wooden product. V-COAT has added UV stabilisers that make it last longer. V-COAT is available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins, and available in 6 different colours: clear, mahogany, teak, kiaat, copper canyon, golden brown and walnut.

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Van Acht Ironmongery Hardware Handles Locks Feature


Handles available in Black, Brass, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Antique, Bronze and Silver

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