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V-COAT is a penetrating oil specially formulated to protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage it can be used on any wooden product.

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V-COAT has added UV stabilisers that make it last longer. V-COAT is available in 1 litre and 5 litre tins, and available in 6 different colours: clear, mahogany, teak, kiaat, copper canyon, golden brown and walnut.

Caring for your wood products


Van Acht V-Coat Clear Sample


Van Acht V-coat Wood Sealer Logo
  • Wood penetrating oil
  • Protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Contains biocidal properties
  • Prevents algae and woodrot
  • Brush or spray
Van Acht V-coat Wood Sealer 5 litre tin

V-Coat 5Litre Tin
(also available in 1Litre)

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Van Acht V-Coat Copper Canyon Sample

Copper Canyon

Van Acht V-Coat Golden Brown Sample

Golden Brown

Van Acht V-Coat Kiaat Sample


Van Acht V-Coat Mahogany Sample


Van Acht V-Coat Teak Sample


Van Acht V-Coat Walnut Sample



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