Double Interior Jambliner Door Frame – MERANTI – 1630×2032


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1690 x 2082mm (W x H)
3 – 5 Working Days
Van Acht Wood Interior Door Frame Jambliner J140DR1630
Double Interior Jambliner Door Frame - MERANTI - 1630x2032 R1,860.00


Supplied unassembled.

Jamb liners are used for internal walls to cover the entire opening and are used in conjunction with the architraves. They are either 140mm for one brick course or 250mm for a double brick course.

Van Acht door frames are finger jointed, this method not only increases the strength and stability of the timber but also optimizes the use of timber. Waste reduction in our factory is part of the Van Acht green policy.

Made from Meranti.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 1700 × 2100 × 110 mm


Profile Dimensions

42mm x 140mm

Inside Dimensions

1630mm x 2032mm

Outside Dimensions

1690mm x 2082mm

Rubber Seal




Delivery Time

3 – 5 Working Days for Delivery


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