Van Acht Marine Ply Garage Door GDBL 4 8PARCHHB SUV
Double 8 Panel Arch HB Garage Door

Double 8 Panel Arch HB Garage Door

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Installation - Double Garage Door (Standard Height)

Garage Door Motor Kit - ET Nice Advanced

Designed for residential sectional overhead and trackless tip-up garage doors of up to 15m2.

Motor Installation

Marine-Ply Double 8 Panel Arch HB Garage Door

A Van Acht beautifully designed V-Tech garage door enhances your home. Made from V-Tech Marine Ply wood to withstand our harsh South African climate.

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Van Acht offers a wide variety of garage doors. Our garage doors are made from the best quality materials which enhances the aesthetic qualities of our garage doors and also their durability in our harsh African climate. Our highly motivated and qualified installation teams will ensure that your doors are installed professionally.

Van Acht only uses the best tried and tested motors that come standard with battery back-up for those days when the electricity lets you down.

V-Tech Marine Ply Garage Doors

The V-Tech garage door range has been specifically designed to withstand our harsh Highveld climate. Marine ply has been used as an engineering material in the marine and aviation industries since World War 2. Marine Ply is highly resistant to fungal attacks and
can withstand extended exposure to moisture hence the name ‘Marine’. It is often usedin the construction of boats and docks, much of it’s strength is due to the strong Weather and Boil Proof (WBP) glue that is used between the ply.

Marine Ply should not be confused with chip-board. Marine ply is made from hardwood that is cut into several layers (ply) that are pressure bonded together with their adjacent layers having their grain at 90º angles to each other for greater strength. Manufacturing marine ply is a time consuming and expensive process that has been perfected over the last 60 years to produce a product that will out perform and outlast virtually any solid wood. Garage doors are more often than not directly exposed to the elements and it is for this reason that we have chosen a material that is highly resistant to cracking, warping, shrinkage, rotting and twisting. Marine ply is also environmentally friendly due to its nature as carbon sink and its allowance for the optimization of wood.


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