Many home owners like you trust Van Acht with their door and window needs. As experts in the industry, we also supply what we believe to be the best maintenance products in the business. Ask our consultants how these products can help beautify your home even further.

Many of the products we supply at Van Acht are our own creations. After more than 25 years in the building industry, you can be sure of our product knowledge. After close collaboration with other building experts, Van Acht has conceptualised and manufactured home enhancement products that fit our core products perfectly. The same standards of quality, strength and aesthetics come through in these products; ultimately providing you with your dream home.

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Van Acht Cladding Feature


Van Acht Versa Wood Versa Wood timber cladding is a great way to finish off the outside of your home. It gives your home exterior the look and feel of a wooden structure while blending in well with any glass, stone or rock sections in your wall. Wood cladding must possess full-bodied properties that prevent it from perishing due to harsh weather. Our cladding can withstand strong rain, wind & hail; as well as that merciless African sun.

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Van Acht Louvres Feature


Also know as wooden window shutters, louvres are a keen favourite among many in South Africa. Classic wooden louvres protect your windows from the sun, wind & rain; and keep your home enclosed when it’s not being used. Louvres are recommended for holiday homes and flats that are not used all year round. As with all our wooden products, Van Acht’s louvres are made from high quality wood and are built to last. They also come with all the high quality fittings you’d expect from a well-reputed supplier like us.

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Van Acht Cornies Feature


A well-thought out cornice adds an elegant finish to an otherwise bland ceiling corner. Van Acht’s cornices come in various moulds and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for every room in your home. If you’re in the middle of a house construction project, chat to us about providing you with cornices as a discounted addition to your door and window order.

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Van Acht Mouldings Feature


Wood mouldings can be used in various parts of your home. In your kitchen, light shields and pelmets add a superb finish to your cupboard design. Dado-rails give a classic feel to a plain room. Wood mouldings also acts as beautiful fixed frames for mirrors, paintings and staircases. We have a large range of various moulding patterns, shapes and heights.

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Van Acht Ironmongery Hardware Handles Locks Feature

Hardware / Ironmongery

A door is more than just a piece of wood. That’s why Van Acht takes door and window hardware just as seriously as the wood itself. Handles, locks and hinges lend to the functionality of a door or window. Sliding door and window components are also important additions to ensure your sliding mechanism works well—now and in the future. Van Acht’s ironmongery boasts a range of different colours. These include Black, Brass, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Antique, Bronze and Silver

Van Acht Handles & Locks
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Van Acht Flyscreens Feature

Fly Screens

Every aspect of your convenience has been thought out by Van Acht. Flyscreens can be added to your windows, doors and patio entrances. These flyscreens acts as effective barriers against flies and bugs, while still maintaining the stylish look of your home—inside and out. Allow us to supply you with custom size fly screens to ensure the perfect fit onto any area of your home.

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Van Acht Burglarbar Feature

Burglar Bars

Van Acht’s doors and windows are sturdy enough to offer a robust barrier against intruders. However, extra protection is often required to ensure the safety of your family. Burglar bars offer this extra level of security. We manufacture sturdy DIY burglar bars that not only protect your home, but keep it looking stylish. In addition to this, you will be able to assemble and fit our burglar bars yourself with little effort! So if you’re looking for a security barrier that doesn’t take away from the aesthetics of your home, talk to us today or visit one of our showrooms.

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Van Acht V-Coat Wood Sealer Feature

We Recommend V-COAT

The V-Coat Wood Sealer range from Van Acht has been manufactured with extra UV stabilisers. This ensures that your wood products last longer.  It also means that the UV coating doesn’t dissipate as fast as other wood coating products. V-Coat’s extra-protective UV coat will maintain the look and feel of your wood for years to come. It is both water and sun resistant and even offers a general protective layer against minor scratches and burns. Choose from seven different finishes: clear, mahogany, teak, kiaat, copper canyon, golden brown and walnut.

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  • Wood penetrating oil
  • Protect wood from rain, sun and UV damage
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Contains biocidal properties
  • Prevents algae and woodrot
  • Brush or spray
Van Acht V-coat Wood Sealer 5 litre tin

V-Coat 5Litre Tin
(also available in 1Litre)

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