Pivot Doors

The whole purpose of a pivot door is to say, “Welcome”. These designer doors are used to enhance entrance points within your home.

They are often placed inside the home as entrance doors and pivot because of their heavy weight which hinges cannot withstand. A pivot door often has a protective archway which keeps it partially shielded from sun and rain. Where exterior pivot doors are installed, a weather bar can and should be installed for extra protection.

Looking for a door that adds class to your home? Pivot doors come in a variety of styles. Designer pivot doors have been artistically carved out to resemble elegant patterns. On the other hand, clear or frosted glass can add a smart touch to wooden pivot doors—especially if a nice handle is added. But if you struggle to find the perfect door, remember that Van Acht can make up custom doors that suit your exact vision.

  • Largest selection of beautiful designs to choose from
  • Various wood finishes, including Meranti, Kiaat, African Hardwoods, and Marine Ply
  • Energy efficient – The heat stays in and the cold is kept out
  • Standard sizes for pivot doors: 813x2032mm – 1200x2032mm – 1500x2032mm
  • Can be custom made and choice of wood or aluminium frame
  • Get price instantly by Email. Instant online quote estimate system.

The entrance door makes a personal design statement

Pivot Doors Ranges

Simple, clean lines, open spaces and natural light characterise Van Acht’s pivot doors.  At Van Acht we’re as passionate about modern design as you are. It’s why you’ll find these door designs will match your contemporary home or apartment, as well your lifestyle.

Marine Ply

Van Acht Marine Ply Panel Pivot Door

Marine-Ply is highly resistant to fungal attacks and can withstand extended exposure to moisture.

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Panel & Glass

Van Acht Panel & Glass Pivot door

Panel pivot doors enhances your entrance area.

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Van Acht Designer Pivot Door #47

Van Acht’s designer carved pivot doors are fast becoming a popular modern alternative to the hinged door.

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African Art

Van Acht African Art Pivot Doors

Looking for a door that adds class to your home? Hand carved art pivot doors have been artistically carved out to resemble elegant patterns.

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Handcarved African Art Doors

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