Interior & Exterior Doors

When it comes to interior doors & semi-exterior doors, Van Acht ensures a perfect combination of style, functionality and strength.

If you’re looking for a dependable exterior & interior door that offers long-lasting use, then our range interior doors will suit your home perfectly. Our collection includes various types of double-hinged exterior & interior doors, panel doors, economy doors, glass top doors, full glass doors with wooden frames, carved doors and even sliding track doors. Since we also have the largest range of exterior & interior doors in South Africa, we’re confident that you’ll find the right style of door for every room in your home.

  • Largest selection of exterior & interior doors to choose from

  • Various wood finishes to choose from and choice of wood or aluminium frame
  • All doors can be upgraded to a double door option
  • All doors can be upgraded to a tall option, from 2032mm to 2320mm
  • We can handle custom designs
  • Get price instantly by Email. Instant online quote estimate system.

Sustainably sourced, energy efficient, high quality hinged doors

Hinged Door Ranges


Van Acht 2 Panel Hinged Wood Door


Van Acht 2 Panel Glass Hinged Door


Van Acht Carve 12 Hinged Door


Van Acht Stable Doors


van acht commercial veneer concealed edge door

Fire Rated

van acht fire rated interior doors

Lots of companies make doors that look nice. At Van Acht we believe that style and durability go hand in hand. When you purchase a hinged door from us, you are getting a complete package deal that won’t let you down.

Additional Options

Extra Length

van acht tall hinged door

We also stock tall / extra length options, increasing the standard height of 2032mm to 2320mm.


Double Option

van acht double 2 panel door

All our hinged doors can be upgraded to a double option. Van Acht’s double hinged doors turn regular old entrance ways into imaginative access points.


Custom Joinery

van acht custom entrance door

Van Acht’s purpose made joinery state of the art machinery and custom manufacturing abilities enhance the unique look and feel of your home.


Some Entrance Door Inspiration Ideas