Exterior & Interior Doors

Choosing the right door will make the world of difference to the overall look of your home. Van Acht has a massive selection of exterior doors for you to choose from. Select from our range of pivot doors, designer doors or glass frame doors. The perfect door awaits you here.

Factors that will influence your choice of door are price, functionality and the style of your house. Van Acht offers a large range of doors that will fit all of your criteria. Various designs will enhance the aesthetics of your home. Different types of hinges and fittings ensure that your door offers security and comfortable ease-of-use. Finally, we endeavour to make our prices highly competitive; while offering you great value for your purchase.

Home begins with the door


Van Acht Entrance Doors Feature

Entrance Doors

The whole purpose of a entrance door is to say, “Welcome”. These designer entrance systems are used to enhance the entrance point to your home.

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Van Acht Pivot Doors Feature

Pivot Doors

Simple, clean lines, open spaces and natural light characterise Van Acht’s pivot doors.

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Hinged Doors

When it comes to hinged interior & exterior doors, Van Acht ensures a perfect combination of style, functionality and strength.

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Van Acht sliding track Doors Feature

Sliding Track Doors

Van Acht’s sliding track doors are a sublime addition to any farm style home.

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Van Acht Sliding Doors Feature

Sliding Doors

Do you want to make the most of your home’s space? Sliding doors from Van Acht come highly recommended.

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Van Acht Folding Stacking Door Feature

Folding/Stacking Doors

Stacking doors have a way of transforming a room into an almost-open air environment.

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Van Acht Frameless Stacking Doors Feature

Frameless Doors

This variety of stacking doors is an absolute sublime addition to any modern style home.

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Garage Doors

Quality is exactly what you get when you order your wooden garage doors from Van Acht.

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Make a design & style statement with these stunning aluminium & marine ply hybrid doors.

Van Acht Yoso Door Feature

YOSO Doors

Van Acht’s latest contemporary style door design. Versatile Marine Ply wood encased in an aluminium frame.

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Van Acht YOSO Single Garage Doors

YOSO Garage Doors

Van Acht’s latest contemporary style door design also available as garage doors.

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Van Acht manufactures aluminium windows & doors, awnings and frameless showers.

Van Acht Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors

Sliding Doors, Sliding-Folding Doors. Hinged Doors, Pivot Doors. Sidelights, Toplights. Available in various quality options, colours & sizes.

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Van Acht Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

We have various aluminium windows in standard sizes and custom designs. The same care and finesse is put into making these windows as with our wooden range.

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aluminium garage doors

Aluminium Garage Doors

Van Acht manufactures, supply & install beautiful aluminium garage doors. Available in single & double sizes, various heights (standard, SUV & caravan), as well as various colour options.

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vanacht aluminium composite panel garage doors feature

Aluminium Panel Garage Doors

Our newest garage door range was inspired by the latest building trends from around the world. The aluminium composite panels have gained alot of popularity and being used for different applications around the world. 

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Van Acht is a REHAU authorised windows and door fabricator and installer. Van Acht uPVC doors are made to your exact specification and requirements.

Van Acht uPVC Windows & Doors Feature

uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are weather resistant and thermally efficient due to their insulating characteristics.

  • French doors
  • Inline sliding doors
  • Stable doors
  • Multifold doors
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Why choose uPVC?


exterior doors, interior doors

Door Frames

Doors require a door frame. Pivot & standard door frames can be browsed on our quoting system.

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Van Acht Custom Made Gates Feature

Garden Gates

Garden Gates are more than exterior entrance ways—they should add an element of charm to your garden too.

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